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Continuity tester May 22 2023 - 1:48pm

produce May 22 2023 - 9:51am

to cause a particular result or effect

VSCT3 May 22 2023 - 9:52am
probe May 22 2023 - 9:38am

a complete and careful investigation of something

a small device put inside something and used by scientists to test something or record information

to use a probe

tester May 22 2023 - 9:25am

a person or thing that tests something

test May 22 2023 - 9:19am

an experiment to discover whether or how well something works, or to find out more information about it

conduction May 22 2023 - 9:10am

the process by which heat or electricity passes through a material

Conduction tester May 22 2023 - 10:00am

VSCT2 May 22 2023 - 9:33am
poor May 21 2023 - 7:41pm

having very little money; not having enough money for basic needs.

people who have very little money.

deserving sympathy.

not good; of a quality that is low or lower than expected.

(of a person) not good at something.

Flow tester May 22 2023 - 9:06am

VSCT1 May 22 2023 - 9:41am
flow May 21 2023 - 7:01pm

the steady and continuous movement of something in one direction.

the continuous production or supply of something.

continuous talk by somebody.

the way that words, ideas or themes are linked together in speech, writing or music.

the movement of the sea towards the land.


current May 21 2023 - 6:58pm

happening now; of the present time.

the supply of electricity.

continuity May 21 2023 - 2:25pm

the fact of not stopping or not changing

a logical connection between the parts of something, or between two things

the presence of a complete path for current flow

insulation May 21 2023 - 6:57pm

the act of protecting something with a material that prevents heat, sound, electricity, etc. from passing through; the materials used for this.

insulated May 21 2023 - 6:56pm

protected with a material that prevents heat, sound, electricity, etc. from passing through.

insulated against/from something protected from unpleasant influences or experiences.

conductive May 21 2023 - 6:54pm

able to conduct electricity, heat, etc.

conductor May 21 2023 - 6:52pm

a person who stands in front of an orchestra, a group of singers etc., and directs their performance, especially somebody who does this as a profession.

a person who is in charge of a train and travels with it, but does not drive it.

a person whose job is to collect money from passengers on a bus or train or check their tickets.

coat May 21 2023 - 6:45pm

a piece of outdoor clothing that is worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. Coats have sleeves (= parts covering the arms) and may be long or short.

a jacket that is worn as part of a suit.

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