Benefits to Companies

The major benefits to companies,

Improve the English proficiency of their staff at all levels from service staff, to sales and executives.

By communicating in English it bridges the language barriers with expats working in Thailand and across borders with Asean Suppliers, Clients and Partners. The ASEAN trading block accounts for 26% of the Thailand's international trade (Source:

English is the most common international language for trade but also for research, by opening up english reports and research, Thai staff are no longer limited to just domestic Thai Research.

My Ally programme is a proven system for programmed learning that will get results fast. learners see significant improvements in English ability and collaboration as quickly as 3 weeks into the course. You don't have to wait months before you see improvements. 

And with the reporting you can see exactly how much time each member of staff puts into learning, their improvement and actual assignments. Companies can use this to identify management staff and use the reporting mechanism as part of the staff performance appraisals.