Benefits to Students

The major benefits to Students,

Improve your level of English proficiency in a fun, interactive course. None of the boring classroom lectures, or boring textbooks, these courses are tailored to your work and what you want to learn. 

By communicating in English it bridges the language barriers with expats working in Thailand and across borders with Asean Suppliers, Clients and Partners. The ASEAN trading block accounts for 26% of the Thailand's international trade (Source: and the common language for Asean countries: English

My Ally programme is a proven system for programmed learning that will get results fast. learners see significant improvements in English ability and collaboration as quickly as 3 weeks into the course. You don't have to wait months before you see improvements. 

A scientific way to learn and remember what you learn easier and faster, because you get to learn real-life English that you use in your job, eg dealing with customers, or setting up and running trade show events. By using the english you learn, you will understand the context and meaning. Add to this the interactive quizzes, speech, image features and the learning process is fun and super effective.

Get certificates as you progress through the levels, show your family, friends, colleagues or employers.