Core learning model

The core of MyAlly’s learner focused active approach is doing with expert feedback.  Learners interact with rich material and write at their convenience.  Learners improve their writing with expert feedback.  Once they have good sentences learners practice speaking and improve their speaking with expert feedback.

Here the learner has written five sentences:

Perhaps the learner spent two hours over several days, researched, and rewrote several times; that is learning.  When ready, the learner submits their work and soon they receive detailed feedback:

Here there is something missing in the first sentence between "have" and "brother."  The detailed feedback is article.


How can "scary" be improved?  The feedback to learn from is Feelings vs descriptions.

Some learners are much more advanced and will write "My cousin is interesting so he has bees."  feedback for "so"     feedback for "has bees".  The learner interacts with the feedback, improves their work, and learns.  Since it is all on-line their boss/parent can see exactly the material, work, feedback, and improvement.


After the learner has created good sentences with expert feedback they practice speaking.


Learners get immediate feedback from Google and expert feedback later.

There are many other aspects: flashcard like vocabulary practice and demonstration,  meaningful certificates, on-line testing, speaking practice and demonstration, low-level automated spelling and grammar feedback, metrics ...  The core is the learner does, incorporates feedbackimproves, and shows their boss/parent.


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