Corporate culture

MyAlly will help you build a competitive international corporate culture.

One part is how the organization deals with problems:

There will always be problems:  There was a blood stain on a sheet in a customer's room.  A delivery was late. etc.

It is common to apologize.  Two very different approaches:

caught - We are sorry you found the problem.  If you had not seen it there would be no problem. mistake - We regret making a mistake. Without our error there would be no problem.
excuse - If the customer forgives us there is no problem. correct - Why did the problem occur?  What can we do to correct it?
past - We want to forget this as soon as we can. future - How will we do better?
blame - Whom should be punished? responsible - Who or what caused the problem so we can correct it?
company focus - Our comfort is important. customer focus - Service to our customers is important

We provide clear examples, practice, feedback, and visibility.