Learner UX walk-through

select "my dashboard" menu item

on phones:



You have one class "Intermediate English Communication" and one open chapter "Your family."

click on a chapter


There are three tasks: practice vocabulary, write a note with new word meanings you have learned, and write a note about your family.

There are two references to help you:  "complete sentences"  "About your family."



There are fifteen words to view twice:  thirty views.


click on "viewing"


There are two highschool level meanings of "male."Often words have more than one meaning.Some meanings you know already.Study words new to you in the Oxford learner's dictionary to see examples.Write a sentence using each new meaning to be sure you understand.

After you have completed all the views demonstrating will appear.


Here you are given the word "mother" and sound.Demonstrate you know the meaning by choosing the definition.


Here you are given the meaning and sound.Demonstrate you know by typing the word.


Given the spelling and meaning.Click on the microphone and say the word.Currently, this only works in Chrome.




Click "create a note" to write sentences about your family.



Here are three sentence fragments."Save" to keep it and add more later.


add a little more and improve


You can see your work in your dashboard.


You can get feedback or edit and improve.




After you have completed  the writing you can practice speaking.  Click on "demonstrating."



You can hear your quality sentences pronounced well. You will receive instant feedback from Google voice.  Later, an expert will review your pronounciation and offer exercises to help you improve.