Defeat buffaloes with MyAlly

MyAlly protects learners from buffaloes.

Trying new things and making mistakes is part of learning. Improving with expert guidance is the best way to learn.

Some people mock learners. Learners try new things, make mistakes, and improve. Buffaloes mock.

You will learn with MyAlly online and perhaps a few well-chosen friends. The buffaloes will not know. You can try safely because buffaloes are not watching eager to mock. No need to make excuses for mistakes, just improve and learn.

One day a learner will be the buffalo's boss. The buffalo cannot mock the learner then. Perhaps the buffalo will stop mocking and learn. Regardless, the learner will thrive.

Buffaloes mock themselves most. Better for buffaloes to stop mocking and start learning. All are welcome to MyAlly's safe supportive space.