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English is the single most important skill for your future. To thrive you must be able to communicte in English and show that you can. For both getting a good job and advancing your career English skills are vital.

ASEAN is much like the European Union. Now all good jobs in Europe require strong English skills. Soon all good jobs in ASEAN will require strong English skills.

The language of the European Economic Community EEC is English. An Italian who works in Rome usually speaks Italian. He often has critical discussions in English with German suppliers, French customers etc.

The official language of the ASEAN Economic Community AEC is English. Today most Thais speak only Thai at work. Soon all Thais with good jobs will often have critical discussions in English with Chinese customers, Vietnamese suppliers, Japanese bosses etc. All good jobs will require strong English skills.

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The examples above are from intermediate English. You will take an evaluation test so your ally can give you material appropriate for you.

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