Writing Assistant

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Submitted by Brian Mason on November 9, 2016 - 1:07pm


  1. provide timely quality feedback
  2. evaluate student's writing
  3. present and encourage best practices
  4. minimize teacher's time required to provide quality feedback

learner's can use the integrated LanguageTool to help them detect problems

a teacher will be able to create/modify/activate grammar rules:

  1. add link to explanitory material i.e. article and a vs an
  2. differentiate by grade i.e.
    1. only check articles for 9th grade and last half of 8th
    2. native language and English material for 7th
  3. tune rules to catch common errors - in sync with class focus 

a teacher will be able to mark student's work i.e. "tense disagreement - should be simple past" with link to material

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