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Submitted by Brian Mason on September 30, 2017 - 5:38pm

We are trying to forecast for clients and candidates who will thrive in a particular organization.

work that heavily informs this effort:

Superforecasting take away: The strongest predictor of rising into the ranks of superforecasters is perpetual beta, the degree to which one is committed to belief updating and self-improvement.  It is roughly three times as powerful a predictor as its closest rival, intelligence.  Specific experience is of no statistical significance.


Career anchors take away: A career anchor is the one element in your self-concept that you will not give up, even in the face of difficult choices.  Being in a situation not compatible with your core values results in significant loss of morale and productivity.


Schwartz Theory of Basic Values take away: Values can the measured and are the most persistent personal attribute through adulthood.  Successful groups strongly exhibit similar values.  



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