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Submitted by Brian Mason on February 14, 2016 - 2:17pm

This is a space to discuss an ideation tool, help bring it into existence, and improve it.  This tool in turn will be leveraged to improve other information systems.

The basic idea is to discuss stories i.e. desired benefits of the system, how to interact with the system to produce something of value (i.e. Use Case), problems which it might address, ways to obtain those benefits...  Some stories will gain traction, be elaborated on, and prioritized.  Those stories will be supported by features which themselves will be discussed.  Some features will be implemented in an iteration.

An example: "my car is great but only goes straight"  "someone stole gas from my tank" "it would be good to be able to change direction and sometimes turn around completely from inside the car"  "changing direction is much more valuable than mitigating the theft of gasoline" ...

Technicians discuss implementation strategies of the steering feature: wheel with rack and pinion, adjust the front wheels or back?, joystick with sliding lever ...  This sparks discussion in the story section: "I think it's better to adjust the front wheels because it seems easier to understand how moving the front wheels would change the direction of the car" ...

A feature emerges to support the stories.  The steering wheel feature is included in an iteration, techs are assigned, and progress/errors tracked.

Experience of the steering wheel feature in practice spawns/enhances stories ...

Seed remains well integrated into the evolving system serving as how to, error tracking, and fostering improvement.

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