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Ogame Collaboration Assistant

a suite of tools to help players orchestrate their own activities and work together in Ogame:

  • activity plans for each planet/moon
  • reports e.g. next action across multiple universes, total resources and production
  • collate espionage and combat reports
  • facilitate trade
  • opponent profile
  • raid coordination

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Poptika Toba

A space for Poptika Toba.

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This is a space to discuss an ideation tool, help bring it into existence, and improve it.  This tool in turn will be leveraged to improve other information systems.

The basic idea is to discuss stories i.e. desired benefits of the system, how to interact with the system to produce something of value (i.e. Use Case), problems which it might address, ways to obtain those benefits...  Some stories will gain traction, be elaborated on, and prioritized.  Those stories will be supported by features which themselves will be discussed.  Some features will be implemented in an iteration.

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This is a space for the seeds of MyAlly services.

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Small and Medium Enterprise Support System

we help you communicate with your customers and run your business

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Values Based Staffing

A set of tools and practices to enhance staffing based on common values.


Clients want staff who will thrive and candidates want to join an organization where they will thrive.  

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